Submissions are open


Night Horse Publishing House is currently open for submissions from authors.

We are currently seeking manuscripts within the genres of fantasy, science fiction, horror, superheroes, role playing games, and esoterica.  

For submissions please send us:

A query letter, a one-page synopsis of your story, and the first three chapters of your novel or the first fifty pages, whichever is more.

We accept only electronic submissions.

Please remove all running headers, footers, illustrations, images, and special type from your submission. We are best able to assess work that is formatted simply, according to the guidelines below.

Please be aware, too, that we are unable (given the number of submissions we receive) to provide manuscript feedback to individual authors for which we do not request fulls.

Manuscript Preparation for Full MS requests:

Put your manuscript in a Microsoft Word (a recent vintage, please) file.

Before sending in your manuscript, run the Spelling and Grammar check (just remember to think through every suggestion it makes).

Set margins to 1.25 inches on all sides.

Double-space your manuscript.

Insert page numbers (bottom center, please).

Use a standard twelve-point serif font (Palatino, Times New Roman, etc.)

Remove all special formatting (words in italic or bold style are fine). Turn off any automatic formatting, get rid of any internal or external hyperlinks, remove running headers. Please, however, be sure to retain first line paragraph indents.

Project Gamma Prime

We are accepting submissions for short stories and art of public domain superheroes that will take place on “Earth Gamma Prime”. This anthology will take place in the Star Crossed Chronicles megaverse and be unrelated to the rest of the work.

Wanted: freelance proofreader, email NHPH for details if interested.

Wanted: freelance artists for book covers and interior sketches, also sketches of characters are needed, email NHPH for details if interested.

Reviews: we offer free books in exchange for book reviews!

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