Weird Cthulhu Mythos are a collection of supernatural and occult horror stories that all take place within the same universe.   The stories are in a shared universe that stand alone or together.  They are stories that take place in the world unseen by most.  A world of an eons old unknown war fought between magi, maestros, messiahs, fey, demons, angels, dampir, werwulf, and many more unspeakable entities.  A world of of secret societies and hidden races.  A race between the blessed and the damned.


Night Horses

Woke By Thunder

In Noctus Sol

Cthulhu Domine



Another strange tale from the weird Cthulhu Mythos.

This is a supernatural horror story that deals with a financially struggling family moving in with their maternal grandmother for a summer. The house turns out to be haunted but no one except the mentally handicapped uncle and the two young brothers believe this. The grandmother seems to believe it but does not care. The ghosts are always present and watching. Several supernatural/strange events occur until finally one night the parents and some of their AA friends decide to hold a seance for fun. The seance is a disaster. 

Weird Cthulhu Mythos is a series of books collecting weird tales inspired by the early pulp fiction magazine of that title. These tales most often take place in the genres of supernatural, horror, spiritual cosmology, science fiction and far out oddities. Underneath it all lies a great and enigmatic myriad millennium old unknown war balancing the scales of good and evil.

Weird tales inside: Cthulhu Domine, The Order of Dog Blood, The Lizard Prince, The Philosophy of Murder, & Bon Rising.

 Night Horses.  Fiction.  275 pages.  Paperback.

A collection of supernatural horror stories. Mares of the night run wild through the land of Morpheus in the realm of forbidden apples. Stories included in this eldritch tome: Etherion, Grave Flowers, Satan, Blackwood, Grimsinger, Phantasies, and Secret People.

Woke By Thunder

Tales of the Weird Cthulhu Mythos continue including the following stories:

Darker Than You Think
Beautifully Damaged
Suicide of Shiloh Darling
Harbinger of the Coming Race
Eyes Afire

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