Star Crossed Chronicles

An epic series of novels about a worlds and generations of mystery heroes and villains.  Adagio Fine is the first book of the series and serves as an introduction to this universe and it's characters and legends.

Star Cross Chronicles:


Adagio Fine

The United States government gathered a group of people with extraordinary abilities together to combat the Nazi's experimental threats during World War II. These individuals were called mystery heroes by the press. At a later date a common factor would be found in their DNA called the Nephilim Gene. The League of Mystery Heroes was disband by the government at the end of the war. They are brought back together in 1954 by the murder of one of their teammates. They learn the Nazi threat is far from over. Their actions ripple through generations to come.

In 1974 a new generation of mystery heroes emerge to protect the world from heirs of Nazi ideology, the Ultra Gods and their twisted theology. The world is more suspicious of the mystery people.

By 1983 the tension between humans an Nephilim is reaching a breaking point. Revolution and tyranny tangle across the globe as the world is threatened by a crisis that may destroy everyone.

An epic tale spanning the entire 20th Century and beyond. A family of mystery heroes. Super powered

bloodlines. Parallel realities. Time travel. Interstellar journeys. Alternate dimensions. Elder cosmic wars. Heaven and Hell. Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Angels and demons and monsters and robots. Aliens. Nazis. Sasquatch. Flying saucers. Ninja. Vampires. Werewolves. Ghosts. Magic. Deities. Demigods. Quantum mystics. Adventurers. A league of mystery. Ultra gods. Modern gods. Protectors. Argonauts. Atlanteans. American Indians. Olympians. Orgone. King Arthur. And much more.



In Nomine

This is a prequel of sorts taking a closer look at some of the characters and their stories from Adagio Fine.  We examine an adventure of each of the following: Green Phantom, Knight, Mega Force, Blackbird & Sundog, Chaos Goat, and Psychisch.

Each story is self-contained and there is a Pinup Gallery of Mystery Heroes and Criminals at the end similar to the previous novel.


Star Crossed Chronicles Gallery
Nova Ector is a novel telling the trials and tribulations of the epic rising and falling of the powerful nations of the planet Valar.  This is a fantastic world of sword & sorcery pushed beyond it's limits in a place where humans are a near extinct minority surviving among the numerous older races of the Aelfe, Dvergar, Praecox, Gnomos, and many more spread out across the exotic kingdoms and continents of Valar.

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