The Saint Natas Cycle are works which all take place in the arcane and surreal/real universe of Saint Natas.  Follow his fantastic misadventures as he struggles to cope with existential angst and blues.  The Saint Natas Cycle includes the following titles:

Confessions of a Black Magician, Angels & Maggots, Diary of an Antichrist, Blood Blue Love, Something Sacred, Thrill Seeker and the Loss of Wisdom, the Illuminist and Fifty Gates of Night, and Angel of the Street.


He has everything he should want in life. A good job. A nice home. A nice car. A beautiful wife and family. A retirement plan. An active social life. A prestigious reputation. Envious neighbors. A pet dog. There remains an emptiness inside.

In a search for meaning he begins a journey he cannot return from.

Grasping at everything he can, experiments in ritual magick lead him into the realms of sex, drugs, organized crime, aliens and angels as his life spirals further and further up and down the paths of initiation and illumination while grappling with insanity, annihilation and transformation.


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A mystical meta neuro bio paradigm presented through a chaotic collection of ultraterrestrial consciousness.  Written by Nathan Neuharth and Jack Lovecraft.


Thrill Seeker and the Loss of Wisdom

Non-fiction.  154 pages.

Thrill Seeker is a story of Saint Natas searching for meaning and pushing things too far through sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

The Loss of Wisdom is a story of Saint Natas searching for meaning in heartache and death.

Angel of the Street

Non-fiction.  175 pages.  Paperback.

When a troubled young man named Saint Natas falls in love with a drug addicted hooker the lines between right and wrong disappear.


Poetry.  237 pages.  Paperback.

A collection of poems and sketches written and experienced by Saint Natas focusing on the subjects of sorrow, love, and loss.

Supplementary material for Confessions of a Black Magician. A selection of works from the diaries of Saint Natas. Includes the following works: Methods of Madness; Galabram Transmissions; Lesser Keys; Sepher Cypher; and Early Mystical Experiences.

Surviving poetry from a child, Natas Saint Natas, ages fourteen through twenty-one, circa 1988-1995.

An adept contemplates as the Illuminist before presenting a record of traveling the Fifty Gates of Night.



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