Hitler is alive... and has a son... not to forget the pantheon of superheroes and villains... ancient extraterrestrials and those that have shaped our history these past decades. Does this gathering of forces signify the approaching apocalypse... the final Armageddon... the ultimate end?

Has Nathan Neuharth some how discovered the library of Alexandria or tapped into the restless souls of Nikola Tesla or Edgar Cayce or even Robert E. Howard? There's a lot to digest in the Star Crossed Chronicles: Adagio Fine but it's clear Neuharth is in control of his vision.

Not confined to the four color corners of comics, Nathan has gleaned knowledge from a wealth of material, secret or forgotten through time. Atlantis existed as well as the gods. Myths truly were based on reality. Ancient civilizations were created by Atlanteans or Minoans or by their true names, lost in the veil of time. Early man bore witness to wonders that would confound us today... the same magic that has found it's way to us through the pen of Nathan Neuharth.

- Rocky Hartberg, creator of Cole Black

 Even if you don’t read Neuharth’s novel, we recommend taking a peek at the book’s cover. We love the leather Nazi Judas-Priest-cum-Village-People image. It gets our vote for best superhero cover art of 2015.

- Eric Searleman of SuperheroNovels.com

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