IN NOCTUS SOL is a very lively blend of a kid's vivid imagination of all things ghostly and a very adult version of (real and supernatural) horror, all wrapped up in a tightly paced and yet light-footed narration that is sure to please (and creep out) the genre fan but also appeal to a larger audience, as it delivers a well-written and multi-layered narration while never forgetting to also entertain the audience.

- Michael Haberfelner of (Re)Search My Trash

 Reviews For In Noctus Sol

Good vivid storytelling! Starts off rather slow, but has that omnious feel to it. I laughed when I read the synopsis of the story (AA?? it). I don't want to spoil anything for anyone else, but the seance described in the book was my favorite part, not to mention the visitors in the attic and basement. The only complaint I have is I wished the characters were fleshed out more. It could have easily been longer (I didn't want it to end) and was hoping for a more revenge type ending (but that's just my tastes). The ending was appropriate if somewhat predictable though. I definately would the movie if anyone would be brave enough to adapt it (worm in your poop????).

- Damian Rules 

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