"Confessions" is an excellent read, written with a sense of urgency that carries the story along. Indeed, fast paced doesn’t even begin to cover it. I devoured it in a matter of hours. If sex, drugs and an ambiguous redemption sound like your cup of tea, this is definitely a book worth checking out.

---Psyche, Spiral Nature

I'm a slow, thorough reader... It seems very well written and interesting!  I don't find your experiences unique, but part of a pattern.

-- Allen H. Greenfield, Author of Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts, The Story of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light, and Secret Rituals of the Men in Black 


An interesting look into the life and mind of a 'rogue' occultist.

Successfully combining the straightforward elements of sex, drugs and rock n roll with the abstract thoughts and insights of a highly imaginative esoteric mind coupled with a consistently engaging storyline allows this book to appeal not only to occult buffs and weirdos but to 'normals' who want to peer into the dark side as well, much in the same way as Crowley's 'diary of a drugfiend' did nearly a century ago. Highest recommendations.

-- Andrew Jenson 


good occult novel....

First off, I think that this novel (or this style of novel) is one of the few that touches on the world of the occult and the lifestyle that it could potentially manifest into. Sometimes its a good thing, other times it is not. Overall, I think that it was well written, good development of the main characters and hopefully more types of books will spawn from what this author has done. My only complaint was that at times, it was hard to tell when the writer was describing a situation in the physical plane and the astral plane. Otherwise, a good book and I wish that it was long. It almost seemed too short.

-- WV



There were some parts that were pretty unbelievable and he was light on facts. Otherwise, it was an enjoyable read.

 -- John E. Richardson


 Reviews For Confessions of a Black Magician

The occult world though the eyes of master.

Nathan takes you, hand in hand, with him on a wild ride through the occult with just enough sex, drugs and rock and roll to make it a wonderful journey. The greatest thing about this book, isn't the fact that it's an occult book, it's the fact that you get to experience life, love, and the journey through the occult via Nathan's real life adventures and misadventures. Imagine if Crowley was alive, in today's world and he was writing down his experiences in this modern world, and I'd dare say you'd have a very similar read. It really is one of the better / more entertaining reads I have had in the occult world in a long time. If you are looking for Raymond Buckland style "Stereo Hookup Instructions" to the occult, you may be disappointed. If, on the other hand, you are looking to look through the eyes of a "Black Magician" at his world, his life, his experiences and his journey into the occult, you will be hard pressed to find a better book to spend an evening or two with.

-- Charles W. Hayes


'I loved the story! Crowley's Diary of a Drug Fiend or John St. John for the modern day, with sympathetic and recognizable present-day archetypes and characters. The parallels with the protagonist's life and that of Jack Parsons intrigued me, and compelled me to read more. It worked like magic, quite literally. Paced like a well-planned ritual, and equally effective.'

-- Richard S. Carbonneau, author of The Marvel, A Biography of Jack Parsons.


A wonderful fantasy like writing, apparently mixing facts with fiction leading you to dazzling dreams changing hope into horror, at the move of a wand!

-- Janice O’Brian, former student of Literature at the University of Oxford

Finally got around to reading "Confessions of a Black Magician" by Nathan Neuharth. It's been hard to put down...

-- Agent 418 (Nikolai Nothos)

 " Confessions really is just that-- a direct tale of an inner process that might occur as you wade into the world of the occult. Reading at times almost journal-like, this is a useful (and generally more engaging) companion piece for all your dry books of correspondences and rituals. Recommended for those just getting involved in the occult or "old heads", though perhaps for different reasons. If you've been through the process, it'll probably make you smile or even laugh in places where beginners are likely to get frightened or pulled in by suspense...."

-- James Curcio, author of Join My Cult

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