Star Crossed Chronicles is a series of books detailing the extraordinary history of Earth Omega Prime.  A world filled with super heroes and ancient bloodlines in a never ending war with each other.  It all unfolds over several generations, many worlds, and multiple dimensions.  These are true epics of mythic high adventure and age old mysteries.


Night Horse Paradigm is a series of books collecting weird tales inspired by the early pulp fiction magazine of that title.  These tales most often take place in the genres of supernatural, horror, spiritual cosmology, science fiction and far out oddities.  Underneath it all lies a great and enigmatic myriad millennium old unknown war balancing the scales of good and evil.


The Valarian Mythos are a series of novels telling the trials and tribulations of the epic rising and falling of the powerful nations of the planet Valar.  This is a fantastic world of sword & sorcery pushed beyond it's limits in a place where humans are a near extinct minority surviving among the numerous older races of the Aelfe, Dvergar, Praecox, Gnomos, and many more spread out across the exotic kingdoms and continents of Valar.





Abel's Fables is a collection or works that do not belong to any particular series.  Most works are stand alone stories containing a wide variety of topics, genres, and styles.  Anything goes with these often experimental and accidental classic fables with surprises bounding every corner.


The Saint Natas Cycle chronicles the erratic, irrational, and esoteric life and adventures of a strange, uncanny man known as Saint Natas.  His experiences range from almighty unfathomable heights to gutter soaked heart breaking lows.  The alias Saint Natas is his ying yang representing the attempt to balance the light and darkness within us all as we stumble blindly through life between mistakes and successes ad infinitum.



Pariah Games is an OGL compatible role playing game system encompassing standard core rules and several campaign settings to choose from.  There is no RPG settings quite like the ever expanding  worlds of Pariah Games.


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