Nathan Neuharth is an author of fiction and non-fiction works of various subjects and genres including dadaism, surrealism, esotericism, supernatural horror, fantasy, and autobiographical subjects. Blurring the line between fiction and reality.

Some works published by Nathan include: Confessions of a Black Magician, Night Horses, In Noctus Sol, Woke By Thunder, Adagio Fine, Diary of an Antichrist, Blood Blue Love, Something Sacred, Thrill Seeker and the Loss of Wisdom, Illuminist and the 50 Gates of Night, The Angel David, Angel of the Street, and King Arthur's Court. 

Aurelio Rico Lopez III is an avid fan of the macabre. His works include Valhalla Falling (Great Old Ones Publishing), Food for the Crows (Crowded Quarantine Publications), Night Mare (Great Old Ones Publishing), Cry Wolf (Crowded Quarantine Publications), No Grave TooDeep (SST Publications), and the haiku collection Hook, Line, and Sinners (Alban Lake Publishing).
He has also co-authored Children of the Grave (Crystal Lake Publishing) and then ovellas Night of the Kaiju (Severed Press) and Crawlers (Great Old Ones Publishing).
Thirdy enjoys rock music, coffee, and the not-so-occasional glazed doughnut. He and his
pet tarantulas hail from Iloilo City, Philippines.

John DeLaughter M.Div., M.S., is a Data Security Analyst and Lovecraft essayist, horror, and fantasy author. His short weird fiction has appeared in Samsara, The Magazine Suffering (Issue 8), and in two upcoming anthologies by the H.P. Lovecraft Lunatics Asylum. His work also appears in The Lovecraft eZine (17 essays), Tigershark eZine, Turn To Ash (Vol. 0 and 2), The Eldritch Literary Review Journal (Vol. 2), Phil Slattery’s The Chamber, and The Atlantean Newszine (March 2017).


Laird Bruce Boughner has been gaming almost 40 years. He has lived in the Midwest (IL,WI,MI) and the SE (Fl, GA) and has enjoyed Gming and playing most of the RPGs out there. He also has worked for many of the best people in Gaming such as Gary Gygax’s Lejendary Adventures, Bastion Press and Goodman Games “Lost Arrows of Aristemis” which spotlight his very first adventure  written in 1979. He also has been in the Society for Creative Anachronism, adding ’Period’ to fantasy. Bruce was recently given the title of a Lord of Glencoe Scotland and posses a degree in Law Enforcement, Computer Programming, Networking andApplication and has worked in the service feed until his retirement after a heart attack in 2011. He lives in the Piedmont part of Georgia with his wife, 4 cats and Oscar Meyer the Weiner Dog. His sons are grown and in college.

Dionesia Rapposelli is a  professional medical writer/editor, artist, and independent researcher with interests in consciousness research, Eastern mysticism, Western occultism, folk magic, and historical perspectives about magic and mysticism. She resides in Stamford, Connecticut.  Sher is author of the novels La Maga and the Fallen Fairy.

 Jack Lovecraft is an author of science fiction and fantasy.  He is opinionated.

Candy Ray comes from London, UK. She is passionate about the occult and religion and has a university degree in Religious Studies. For many years she worked in office administration, and on retiring she discovered internet forums and Chaos Magic, and adopted a new identity as a fiction writer.

Her stories are about magic, psychic and fantasy themes, and also include fiction channeled from a non-human chaos entity. She lives on the south coast of England with her husband and adult son.

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