Abel's Fables is NHPH's line of works covering various genres and a variety of talented authors. 


Your guests have arrived, and they’re starving.

Dead Silence

It’s the zombie apocalypse, and Cole has resigned to living out his days alone. That is, until he runs into Marshall.  A former security agent, Marshall says his car broke down and tells Cole there are guns in the vehicle.  All those weapons might come in handy.  The old guy’s car is only a few blocks away, so what could possible go wrong?

Burger Joint of the Dead
Welcome to Sumo’s, a diner that draws quite a crowd.

The world has problems. Huge ones. Kaiju have destroyed the UN headquarters and have laid waste onto various cities.
The human race is flailing to survive, and the only thing standing between the kaiju and humanity’s extinction is The Academy.
This novel's release has been delayed due to technical difficulties.  (The Inner)

‘MY BABY’ she screamed as the mask slipped again. The paramedics face went grey. They all looked at each other, then into the back seat but no baby, it was still inside her.  The paramedic had hold of her head to stop it moving, looked inside the car then brought his head out again. They all knew by his expression that this girl needed to be out now.

The boss rushed to Jake, lips close to his ear, ‘She’s bleeding heavily through the bottom of her dress, get that door off and get her out ASAP.’ Spit and sweat hitting Jake’s left ear as he was forcing the issue.

Jake grabbed the spreaders, screeching, crunching sounds came from the passenger side door as the 720 bar of pressure he was using was fighting against the unnatural state of the door.  The softer shell was giving in easily, but the heavy-duty lock didn’t want to give up its prisoner. The noise was getting louder; intermittent cracking sounds came from the unforgiving lock.  Moving and repositioning the tool had become necessary as the lock was strong, but this movement had helped Jake defeat the squashed metal and it popped then banged open.  Sergei slid the spine board into the car as Jake moved out of the way; the paramedic gave his instructions to lift the screaming woman, put the board under her ass, twist her around, lie her down and take her out the passenger door.

Fantastic Experimental Fiction.  172 pages.  Paperback.

The Angel David: The story of love and a fallen angel.  An old man filled with sorrow.  A punk rock Earth angel.  Strange happenings.
Other Strange Tales: Adventures in the Abyss, The Lord of Feces, Satan, and Victoria Rose.

Jasper is an apprentice magician in a society of the future where chaos magic has become the dominant religion. He does a time-jump which is supposed to be a meditation, but it goes wrong and he finds himself in a parallel world about to embark on a mission as a heroic knight: a mission that he does not want, as he is more of a mystic than a warrior. He encounters Emin, an advanced magician who offers to help by swapping places with him, leaving Jasper in his Retreat up in space.
After his wife’s death, events lead forest ranger and Native American researcher Jonas Ransom to question his sanity. By night, a dark specter haunts his dreams. And by day, a shadow looms over him, cast by the arrival of a dead medicine man’s bequest. Tormented by visions when he touches Bold Eagle’s staff, Ransom seeks help from Dr. Glenn Deerslayer, the late shaman’s disciple. Together, they discover a dim door beyond tribal myths to the dark realm of Ransom’s nightmares. In Hierstead, many herald the medicine man’s staff to be a powerful talisman. The duo find themselves caught in a maze of conflicts between the two warring camps where one – the Dark Union – seeks to slay Ransom, seize the staff, subdue Hierstead, and storm our world. Will a man deliver a world, whose existence he questions along with his sanity?
The Fallen Fairy is a tale about the discovery of hapless fairy that incarnates as a woman in the world of “Commons” in the Outer Plane—the world of ordinary persons like you and me. Sorcerers from the Inner Plane swoop in to vie for her affections in the interests of love and occult power and opportunism. Transferences of inscrutable powers through intimate acts place the fairy and the pair of sorcerers with whom she ultimately joins under the scrutiny of a utopian revolutionary group called the Lions of Light and its adversaries. But more than this, through the drama, the magical men she encounters undergo profound transformations and come to know who they truly are and want to be. The story’s heroine circumspectly aids the Lions of Light and sets the stage for radical and illuminating transformations of all who come into contact with her. References to alchemy, medieval occultism, the “language of the birds,” steganography, and sex magic permeate the text. Each of the 22 chapters is named for and thematically reflects a card of the Tarot’s Upper Arcana.
A Story about Sorcerers and Magi begins with the life and times of the lady mage Sofia La Maga. The setting is the “Inner Plane” and a tempestuous society of sorcerers, magi, and an underclass of lowly folk practitioners. Upon returning to her hometown in her magical world from long years of exile in the Himalayas and thereabouts, Sofia befriends, mentors, and rehabilitates the troubled teenage son of an imposing and elitist dignitary, a sorcerer named Leo de Lux, who is the consul of the Inner Plane’s North Atlantic Sovereignty.

Averse, then reluctant, and ultimately exhilarated, de Lux both falls for Sofia La Maga and also embraces a portended predestined role as the leader of a utopian movement called the Lions of Light, which seeks to overturn an oppressive social system that not only gratuitously exploits magical persons of lesser status but also ordinary persons like you and me who inhabit the “Outer Plane.” The novel mixes pure fantasy about magic with elements from Eastern mysticism, Western Occultism, and timely sociopolitical metaphor.
The classic story of King Arthur set in a 20th Century mobile home park.  Follow the story of Arthur as he inherits a white trash legacy and becomes king of the trailer court.  The archetypal characters of the Arthurian mythos are all present in this novel including such themes as the incestuous relationship of Tristan and Isolde, the schizophrenic drug dealer Merlin, the lustful betrayal committed by Lancelot, and much more.

The story begins with three diverse and mysterious figures plunging through the snow.  They are from a distant land and being pursued.  A woman runs from the small village of Freetown.  So distraught she runs into a large barbarian.  She has lost her only child at birth.  A woman, one of the three pulls out a baby she has been carrying.  "Do you promise to love him as your own?"

"Yes," the woman replies.  And thus Fallon is adopted.

Fallon grows up not suspecting his adoption.  Two mysterious visitors come with a tale of wonder.  Fallon goes hunting early the next morning when tragedy strikes.  Freetown has been destroyed!  The nearby orcs led by the Ogre Garany has put the village to torch and slaughtered its people.  With the aid of Murriellah, an elven warrior, Fallon escapes into the City of Elves.  Fallon begins a quest as he grows into manhood with thoughts of sorrow and revenge on his mind.




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