Nathan Neuharth

Accused prolific author and publisher.  Daringly diverse genres.  Esoterica.  Fantasy.  Dadaism.  Surrealism.  Superheroes.  Supernatural horror.  Autobiographical.  Poetry.  Cutups.  Experimental.  Exploration.  Existentialism.  Quantum consciousness.  Parallel dimensions.  Spirituality.  Philosophy.  Theology.  Literary criticism.   Psychology.  Outsider art.  Pushing boundaries.

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The Saint Natas Cycle             (memoire series)

The Jack Lovecraft Lore    (memoire series)

Illuminist & Fifty Gates of Night

The Search for Melchizedek (memoire series)

Abel's Fables                                 (misfit genre series)

The Haunted Swamp of Borea Moors (DM Guild)

The Weird Cthulhu Tales    (supernatural fiction series)

The Star Crossed Chronicles  (epic fiction series)

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